I’m Sarah Jane! I’m a small-town girl from Southern Ontario, Canada! I’m a wanderer at heart and I dream about having adventures all over the world. I truly believe that Northern Canada has the best view of the stars! I’m a lover of turkey dinner, red wine, country music, and all sports. On my best days, my laugh is loud and my smile is never ending.


When I pick up my camera my focus is to make honest pictures that tell the story of the people in them. I want you to feel how they felt in that moment and I want to preserve their history for future generations. I often wish there were more pictures of my gram because I look just like her. So when I photograph a wedding or a family, I work to make pictures that tell their story and show their connections to each other. xo


| my life in pictures |

I have travel dreams as big as the day is long. I dream of travel almost every minute of every day. I get my inspiration through my collection of travel books and you can find me making itineraries so that when the day comes where I get to follow my heart around the world, I'm ready.

This is my wishlist… at least for right now.

Italy (All over!)

London, England

Napa Valley, California

South of France

Barcelona, Spain

Sydney, Australia

French Polynesia

Halifax, Nova Scotia