Erin&Spencer | Azul Fives Mexico Wedding | Sarah Jane Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Erin over a year ago when I joined a new volleyball team. We had never met before but it didn't take long before we were instant friends. Not long after our season began she came back from a holiday with, her then boyfriend, spencer with wonderful news. He had purposed and they were getting married!

There plans were to have a destination wedding since their family was scattered all over the world. After a few conversations about photography I mentioned to her that it was very common these days for the bride and groom to bring a photographer with them on their destination wedding. We quickly booked the time and started working on the details.

After a year of planning, a few too many bottles of wine, and the development of a great new friendship, we were on our way. I knew after spending new years with them and all of their friends at the stag & doe that we were going to have a wonderful time!

I don't think I was prepared for how much fun I was really going to have. I brought my husband on the trip so he could assist me photograph Erin & Spencer's perfect day. Complete with a roof top ceremony at the Azul Fives Hotel in Mexico and reception, on a beautiful sunny Mexico day, surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends,  one spectacular ocean pier, and a few tears, I watched, and captured, my two friends vow to love each other for eternity.

Two days later...we woke up at sunrise and had a wonderful time "trash" the dress session!

I'm so very humbled that they entrusted me with the great task of telling their story through still photography. I'm very proud of the result and hope that these images bring back every memory of every minute of their beautiful Mexico wedding... cheer sj