6 Picture Perfect Engagement Backdrops Across Windsor-Essex & Detroit

What’s special about Windsor-Essex County aside from our incredible pizza, our proximity to Detroit and our plethora of beautiful vineyards is that it offers an incredible backdrop for capturing memories. I'm sure many photographers can agree when I say that I'm often asked about my favorite locations to shoot so here they are. (In no paricular order!)


Iron Kettle B&B

The Iron Kettle is a picturesque bed and Breakfast located in Comber, often compared to a “boutique hotel”. Not only is this a great place to spend the night or the weekend but, if you’re looking for a venue for sexy boudoir, family photos or wedding photos this offers a very unique backdrop for your most precious moments. The building offers loads of history but with the combination of exposed brick, wood finishes and textured walls, you’re sure to get photos that look and feel homey and warm. The history of this home will add the unique touch that you’re looking for. Not to mention Ben and Ginette from the Iron Kettle are the most welcoming and so accommodating. Perfect for people who have a love of things old and rare because this venue is one of a kind. 



Art Gallery of Windsor

In all honesty, this is the exact opposite of my personality but what I love about the Art Gallery of Windsor are the hidden corners and the beautiful light. This venue offers unmatched amounts of natural lights perfect for light and airy photos. Light is often something that worries clients but the windows that adnore this venue make it the perfect “studio” to flawlessly capture the natural beauty of the bride and groom or sets the stage for a stunning portrait. The note worthy view is also a factor that I love about this venue and my clients are always pleased with the effects that it adds to their images.


Detroit City 

The most distinct thing that you will notice about my work is that it is not light and airy - my style is moody and dark, I excentuate the highlights as opposed to shadows and it's always moment drive. All of this to say that Detroit matches my photography style perfectly! The endless amounts of tattered brick walls, the character of the city and the architecture, the BELT and the beautiful alleys sometimes lined with graffitti make for an unusual and interesting backdrop for wedding and engagement photos a like! 


Willistead Manor 

The Willistead Manor is remarkably ornate both inside and out adding an intricacy and distinctiveness to your photos. Inside the Manor, the traditional architectural design features create a romantic and timeless dimension in any photo. The intricate details of the time are perfectly kept and add striking, romantic detail to the foreground of your session. Weather permitting, the gardens, the park, the paths, and doorways are second to none in the city. While this description may sound somewhat similar to the description of the Iron Kettle the only similarity here is their history to the city – one is intimate the other is grandiose. 


Rock Bottom 

Two of my favourite things as a photographer (and most photographers would probably agree) are good texture and beautiful natural light and the clients that I work with can appreciate this too. Rock Bottom is great because it offers both of these key features. The fact that this venue is what some might consider a little shabby is both what I love about it and what creates its uniqueness. In my opinion it is the perfect representation of the “west” end of Windsor and can be a great and unexpected touch to engagement photos. 


Downtown parking garage 

This venue is not in the wheel house of what most clients are looking for when we discuss possible venues for their session but these rugged, well travelled city staples make my heart sing and they’ll make yours too. Give me old parking garages, back alleys and abandoned buildings and I can make your photos timeless, unique and stunning. What clients don’t realize about these places is the contrast that appears between the beauty of your love against what some may consider a harsh backdrop. It’s also a great place to shoot unexpected prom photos . The parking Garage on Pelisser, within walking distance of Maiden Lane with their beautiful store fronts, bricks and alleyways are perfect for your shoot – are you brave enough for this? 



There are so many incredible venues in and around Windsor – these are just a few of my favourites. What are your favourite places to shoot indoors or what venue do you think would make a beautiful unique backdrop?