Jessica&Lucas | Detroit Engagement Session | Sarah Jane Photography

I have the pleasure of meeting Jessica (Jess) through my friend Erin earlier in the year for her Mexico wedding. We instantly hit it off and have become great friends. So when Lucas purposed to her I was so very excited for them both. They are truly perfect for each other!

We decided to photograph their engagement session in downtown Detroit, MI. The city is right across the river from where we live in Windsor and it offers a spectacular urban landscape for portraits. I was very excited about this session because shooting buildings in Detroit has become a passion of mine over the years.

We started at the old Detroit Train Station and then headed downtown to The Z Park parking garage and alley. It was an awesome engagement session. They were perfect together and settled right in to any request that I had of them. Even if it happened to be "please touch noses"...LOL. I'm really looking forward to their fall 2016