Finding your perfect match!

Finding your perfect match...

If you didn’t know this already about me, I love LOVE photography. The ability to still all the movements of life in one frame has always captivated me. When a single frame can make me feel like I was right there in the moment, it makes my heart sing. Like actually sing!

I feel photography is so personal. The connection between the creative behind the camera and the subject, and the trust that must exist, can tell the story of that person or place in that exact moment and time. That is why I love photographing people. Our stories, our lives and our histories call to me. All our unique features, expressions, emotions and truth is what I want anyone to feel when they are looking at a picture. I think it’s what any photographer wants.

So, from a client or subject’s perspective, when you’re hiring a photographer, what you are really doing is hiring someone to document your life throughtheir eyes. You want them to really see you and your family, so they can create emotion evoking pictures of your life.

When you look back 10, 20 or 30 years from now at your wedding day pictures, the memories that you have are from a collection of pictures your photographer created for you. They are essentially creating your memories when they document your day. The special moments, in-between moments, the happy moments and even the sad ones are all told from your photographer’s perspective. And when a photographer makes a picture of your family, or your children playing in the woods, or grandparents holding their first grandbaby these are created with all of the emotions and experiences that your photographer has had in their own life. So, their view of your wedding day, your family, your birth experience is all filled with their life when they create these pictures for you.


Choosing the right photographer to document your life is very important.

These days almost anyone who has access to a phone or camera can take a picture of what is important to them. The people who you share your lives with and who fill your days are the ones that you are documenting. Some of us post these pictures on social media to share with the masses, some of us keep these pictures close and personal, and some of us print them large for our walls, but all of us cherish the moment when we look back at it. They might not all be “composed” correctly or very well lit, but we definitely remember how we felt in that moment. And when Facebook reminds us in our daily memories we enjoy those pictures all over again!

For those extra special occasions like weddings or birthdays, when you want to hire someone, potentially outside of your inner circle, to document your life it can be scary and challenging. You want them to understand the dynamics of your family and get the inside jokes so that they feel comfortable documenting those moments. When your partner looks at you for the first time on your wedding day, the same way they looked at you on your first date, you want to trust that your photographer sees it too. You also want your photographer to be experienced in seeing these moments and making these pictures within the movement of your day.

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I truly believe that just like it is important to find the right partner to spend your life with, it is important to find the right match in your photographer. It’s ok to talk to and meet lots of photographers when your getting married!  You will know, usually pretty early on, if they are the perfect match for you. I can say with certainty that I know when I have a good connection with a couple and we would work great together. I have a style that makes me who I am as a photographer and that isn’t always the right fit for every couple. I, like every photographer I know, want us to have a wonderful connection and a great day!

I suggest meeting in person if possible, maybe over dinner or a glass of wine. (I like wine but maybe you like White Russians? Would be something fun to talk about!)

Ask lots of questions about things not photography related. Get to know each other. I love to travel, eat turkey dinner and love most every sport... what are your favourites?

I also suggest a pre-event session, like an engagement session or a mini session if that’s an option. Sessions that come with less stress can give you a chance to see how the photographer works with you, what things they will ask you to do, and what pictures they make.

You want to have a connection and a trust with your photographer that will allow you to be yourself in your life and know that your photographer gets it.

You want your photographer to be right in the moment with you so that you feel all of your feelings in your pictures.


You want to see yourself in your pictures.

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You want to feel your love in your pictures.


You want to feel your joy in your pictures.


I, as a photographer, definitely want that connection and trust with my clients. I love making pictures of people feeling love and joy.  I want to make thoughtful, emotion filled, pictures of your life.

There are so many wonderful creative photographers in my area, in our country and that I have met all over the world. Some have a light and airy film style and some have a dark and dramatic style…but most importantly there is one that has the style for you.

Hopefully this was helpful… (if not I apologize for wasting your time…hopefully the pretty pictures made you happy!) I’m always around for any questions and a glass of wine!

Cheers and Happy Living!!

Sarah Rabideau