My Wedding Style

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I love stories that show the history of the couple and their families on their wedding day. All these emotions during the day of happiness, joy and sometimes sadness are what I love most about photographing weddings. I can absolutely take a picture of your dress, but I’d much rather take a picture of how excited you are to be in it. It’s the moments in between where you can feel the emotion that I love the most.

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My approach (a typical wedding day)

(Keep in mind this is meant to illustrate how I document a wedding day. I always love it when the couple changes the plans up a bit, i.e. intimate location, small or no wedding party, gatherings in a field or by water etc.)

When documenting a wedding I take a very hands-off approach to the day. I like to start just before the dress goes on and finish up an hour or so after the first dance. During the bride/groom prep I like to join in with the excitement and fit in like I’m part of the party. I like to take most of my details shots, including flowers, location and weather at this time to set the feel of the day. There are usually so many emotions and nerves that having a camera right in your face first thing might make it worse. So I like to blend in and document all the moments and emotions that you feel while getting ready.

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At this point in the day the couple would decide if they wanted a first look, so they could enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests OR if they would like to have their portrait session after their ceremony. I usually spend about an hour or so for the first look or portrait session. The first portion of this time I will spend on wedding party pictures. Some will be camera aware (directed and looking at the camera) and some will be candid. This will give you some great shots with your party.

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If you have chosen a first look we will pick a location that is special to you and set up that first special moment when you will see each other for the first time. It will be a beautiful, emotion filled time that is just yours. I will take many story telling pictures of this moment.

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I usually ask for thirty-forty minutes for the portrait session. We will do a walk around your favourite location and create formal portraits as well as I will take many in-between moment pictures. I love the transitions between each portrait picture and the emotions that happen just as you are relaxing as we walk around. I suggest you pick a location that is special to you both and a time of day that has the prettiest light.

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Family formals are usually done right after the ceremony, but can also be taken during the time given for the first look. I’ll ask you to provide a list of any and all combinations you would like; we’ll pick a pretty location and take them all. I recognize that weddings are times when families come together and it’s very important to document your family’s history and love.


I love documenting the love that is shared during ceremonies. Quiet vows, nervous smiles, tears of joy and cheers of excitement are all moments I love to make pictures of during your ceremony. I really enjoy small intimate family ceremonies filled with all the love.

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LET THE PARTY BEGIN! During the cocktail hour and reception I will turn to taking mostly documentary style pictures with little direction. I want you to remember how it felt when you laughed during the speeches, or cried during your first dance, or how much fun Aunt Mae or Uncle Joe had on the dance floor. At the reception I ask to be seated with your guests so I can continue to be a part of the party and make pictures of the fun. I will stay about an hour after the first dance or dinner is finished taking tons of storytelling pictures of the party. But if you want me to stay longer definitely ask… I love to dance!


My "Style"

So in terms of the actual look of my pictures, I will deliver pictures to you in both colour and black and white. (25-30% of the pictures delivered for you wedding will be in black and white).  My pictures will reflect the emotions and overall feel of your day. If you have a day filled with love and tears or fun and laughter then this will show through in your pictures. My focus is most always on the people and emotion of the day. But you will also find me taking some detail pictures to complete the story of the day. I love being part of the fun and usually cry during the first dance. I will work hard all day so that when you look back through your pictures it will be like you are living the day again.

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My Ideal Client:

  • Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. They go with the flow and recognize that sometimes things will go wrong but the real reason we are here is to celebrate their love.

  • Is comfortable with little direction throughout the day and can trust that when I do give direction to move in and out of light or interact with each other, I’m doing it to create a great picture. I will be constantly moving around throughout the day documenting as many emotions, interactions and moments that I can to tell your story.

  • Values the relationships in their lives. Emotions and the connections that people have with each other and their families are very important to me.

  • Values Photography. This might seem obvious but it’s very important that you not hiring a photographer because you need one but because you want one. And more importantly you want to see your wedding story told from my perspective. I truly have a deep love for photography and I bring all of my experience, history, emotions and care to making pictures you’re your story. These pictures will make up the memories of your day for many years to come, it’s very important when choosing your photographer because it’s their point of view that will shape these memories.

To see some of my favourite pictures over the years click on the video below!


So what’s next?

If this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you and your photography style preferences I would be more than happy to pass on the names of photographers that would be a better fit for you. Just send me a few details on what you need. There are so many talented photographers in the industry and we all shoot in our own unique ways – let me know what you’re looking for.

If this feels like a perfect match then let’s chat! I would love to hear all your plans for your wedding day and your relationship!