I’m Sarah Jane!

A few fun things you should know about me…

I’m a small town girl from Southern Ontario Canada!

I’m a badass, a mum, a wife and a lover of turkey dinner! (My gram made the best turkey dinner…xo)

I dream everyday about having adventures all over the world.

I truly believe that Northern Canada has the best view of the stars!

I’m a lover of music and movies and  all things creative. I pull most of my inspiration from music lyrics, movie quotes and books.

I love documenting life! Let’s get together and chat more about that…!


Things I love…

Watching the sun rise during an early morning fishing trip with my DAD is my favourite thing to do…ever!

A good glass (or two) of red wine.

Photographing two year olds when they are having a meltdown…hehe.

Camping and bonfires! (usually with a glass of red wine..)

Playing cards… I’m an excellent Euchre player!

Most every sport there is…but I love playing softball and rugby!

My clients… and telling their beautiful stories.



What's happening…

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I’m fearless…check it out!

Fearless Photographers

Vendors I’m loving!

It's Your Day Bridal Boutique

The Pin Up Girls

The Iron Kettle Bed and Breakfast

Smashed Apple Catering


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